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ROCK AND READ No.23 - Яyo (part2/5)

"I guess the elementary school was funny from the 1st to the 3rd grade. Since the 4th grade I met someone who was always bullying me. Well, actually... it was a girl. (laughs)"

Author's note: And the next part. Now we will know more about the girl that was bullying poor Ryo. Have fun!
Credits for the scans go to snorchu, thanks again!

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ROCK AND READ No.23 - Яyo (girugamesh)

Part 2/5

- What? You were bullied by a girl? But why?
I dunno. I don't even know since when I became someone one could bully. Somehow I got bullied by nearly every girl out of my class.
- Something like mass-neglect?
No, they were doing things during the lesson. Just the girlish way: a quite sly feeling. (laughs) And so I didn't go to school, I said: "They are bullying me - I don't wanna go to school". But then my dad really kicked my ass, forced me to into the car, pulled on my hair and me into the classroom - something like that. (laughs) Well, now I again stuck out and purchased more antipathy. (laughs) But that was only at the fourth year of elementary school. When I entered the fifth grade my attitude suddenly changed and I kinda became someone who was teasing others. (laughs)
- Oh, really? (laughs) So you can be separated into the elementary school kid that seems to be like a high school student, a mature child, and the kid that hasn't changed it's mind at all, a childish child?
I was rather the childish one I guess. And for my growth the level of danger of our games also raised. (laughs) From now on we used fireworks and 2b bombs (a/n: According to blazingeternity this describes the size of the fireworks.). We were holding the rockets in our hands until they were exploding. (laughs) In an alley of our residential we were producing smoke screens - stuff like that. We were making a lot of trouble. (laughs) All in all I was mischievous when I was at elementary school.
- Haven't you been the type for music at that time?
That's right. At that time Pokemon was pretty popular. The first CD I bought was the title theme of Pokemon. (laughs) But since that time when I heard a song I liked at the TV I came to buy the CD. Like the songs of Anime. Come to speak of that the ending of one anime was from Pierrot. Like that I came into touch with music, but I was still looking through the eyes of a child as one would say. But one of my junior high school friends was playing the guitar. And that was the point for me to start playing in a band.
- At what grade was that?
Right after entering the junior high school. But my friend was from a different school. And right at that time a game like "Drummania" started at the gamecenter. I didn't know why but I was really good at it. So when I was on my way back home from school I went to the gamecenter and kinda raised the high score. (laughs) And I though 'When things are like that, why shouldn't I be able to play drums as well?'. And after that we said 'Okay, you are bass and you are the vocalist', chose our members like that and decided to play in a band together.
- What kind of music were you playing?
Things like Pierrot. At that time I didn't know that much bands and the guitar guy said that he wanted to do Pierrot, so we were covering them. But I still didn't know how to play drums. So I told my Mum that I wanted to learn playing drums and I came to go to drumming lessons. There I told my teacher 'I wanna play that song'. And he made me start from the very beginning. But when I had about a fundament of drumming I stopped.
- Even then you showed your personality. But when your life truly was involved with music was there a change?
There has been quite a change. My evil side came to decrease. (laughs) I was completely fascinated by music and my stupid games stopped at that time. (laughs)
To put it another way: Since that time only music was interesting to you.
Absolutely. I simply had nothing that was fascinating my up to that time. I also don't know what would have happened if I had continued these dangerous games. So thanks to music I'm save. Well, music was really interesting. And after realizing that it has not only been drums, but I also managed to play the guitar and keyboard. For some time I also played the violin. Since I was able to play drums I also wanted to try something different and in the second half of the first grade of the junior high school I came to learn all these instruments.
- So at the first grade of junior high school your talent for music was suddenly blooming. You must also have started to listen to a lot of music?
I started to listen to western music at once. (a/n: Western like European and American) Like Avril Lavigne. My brother loved Janne Da'Arc and was listen to it over and over at home - so I also had to, naturally. But in commercial they always announced western artists coming to Japan and when I went to Tsutaya in order to look for some magazines, there always were western artists on the cover. Therefore I started to listen to Korn and Avril Lavigne. And I was always wondering why the sound was that much different (from the Japanese sound). Since then I came to be interested in sounds. I thought that the sound was different because these musicians were from other countries. That's how I started to listen to western music.
- Your were not thinking about the melody but about the sound?
Yes. I thought that the sound was completely different. It's obvious that the sound of the drums is different. From the point you notice that it's kinda MTR, right? (a/n: juusuikan told me that MTR stands for 'multi track recorder'.) When I was at the junior high school I was whining that I wanted to buy an 8-channel MD8. But thanks to that I got quite a big amount of money from my parents for that. (laughs)
- Well...... (laughs)

To the next part...
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