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ROCK AND READ No.23 - Яyo (part4/5)

When I was in junior high there was a guy I really hated. I really hated him and one day I wanted to kill him. (laughs) Because he too was doing music, I thought: 'One day I will definitively make money with my band and then I will look down on him.' That's were the negative aura comes from. (laughs)

Author's note: Just one more part to go! This time Ryo talks a lot about his bike. I really don't have a clue of tuning, so please forgive me for my improper language or use of vocabulary.
Credits for the scans go to snorchu - thanks again!

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ROCK AND READ No.23 - Яyo (girugamesh)

Part 4/5

- Well, I guess that is something that is definitively neccessary if you want to create good art. You already said so before: While you were member of a band and working, doing your studies, you were also able to go on tour, right?
We always had our lives at the local Ichikawa Club Gio, but when Satoshi joined the band we were also able to go on tour. At that time I still haven't had my graduation. I was 17 at that time.
- You were 17 and already made the experience of going on tour?
Yep. Before I got 18 I already have been to cities like Nagoya, I guess. But I thought of it as normal.
- No, that's not normal. (laughs) When you went on tour you still were four members, so you were able to go by car, weren't you?
Yeah, but the only one who was able to drive at that time was Nii. Nii and Shuu both went to driving school, but after half a year with his license Shuu lost it. (laughs)
- What? Why?
Speeding. He was 70km/h over the limit, so they took his license at once. (laughs) The fine was about hundreds of thousands yen (an: thousand $/€ plus.), something like that. (laughs) Since we were about to go on tour, we wanted two of us to have a license - and now we lost one. (laughs) So during the first two years it was only Nii who did all the driving. He did not even complain. When the live was over, he always said: 'Who's going to get the car? ...... Well, there's only me'. (laughs) But when I saw that over and over again, I felt really pity for him, so when I was old enough I rushed through the test and got my license. Because I already had a license for motorcycles, I got my license in a very short time. Since that time the two of us we were always doing the driving. It's pretty tough driving from Tokyo to Fukuoka. (laughs)
- Wow, and you still were a teenager after all.
Sure. Seems to be the power of the youth. (laughs)
- Come to speak of it, you just said that you also got a license for motorcycles.
That right. Because I loved both: music and bikes. It was at the end of junior high school. While I had my band I also was interested in bikes. By learning I got my moped license, so I drove by moped, but at the same time that wasn't good enough. I didn't know that I was able to get a motorcycle license at the age of 16. As soon as I got to know, I gave everything for learning how to drive. Desperately. And so I got my license within one month.
- That was pretty fast!
Because I didn't had school every day, I was free to go to a lot of driving school lessons. People like me were allowed to take two or three lessons a day, but I had maybe seven. (laughs)
- It's unbelievable how much you can concentrate on things you like.
I have faith in that kind of concentration of mine.
- For normal you can't stay at you driving school for seven hours...
Well, it was okay for me. Study, practice, study, practice...... something like that. It was not that I wanted to grow old there, so I did my best and got the license in the shortest time possible. And then I was driving around with my bike.
- What kind of bike was that?
The truth is that I wanted to have a 'zokusha' [族車] ( a.n.: I'd read it like that ).
- A 'zokusha'?
Something like a CB400F. Something with a rocketcowl. (laughs) I wanted to drive something like that, but I thought that this one would have been in fact a little bit embarassing. (laughs) So I just had a normal Honda CB 400 Super 4 V-Tech.
- It seems to be a bike without a cowl, right?
That's right. But one day I changed it for a big scooter. The CB400 was used when I bought it, but I destroyed it at once. No joke. (laughs)
- But that was because you were driving pretty fast, wasn't it?
Well, that could have been the reason for it. (laughs) I had pretty much fun. (laughs)
- As I thought. (laughs) Why did you buy a big scooter after the first bike?
The first one was pretty tiring. (laughs) And I also started to think about the things that were to follow. Once I would be able to live alone in Tokyo it would be pretty tough to have a car. If I wanted to drive just like that, I thought a big scooter would be perfect. You can as well ride together with another person or take some luggage with you. I again lend some of my Mum's money and bought a Majesty. (laughs)
- Riding on a big scooter looks pretty cool, too. By the way, when you were a child you were also remodeling four-wheeled mini vehicles, didn't you? How about remodeling a bike?
Well, I'm kinda doing it. (laughs) Firstly, you take off the entire normal and uncool painting. You know, I'm really good at painting. (laughs) You polish with an electric sandpaper, then you use a surfacer, apply the colour, polish again, and then you use some urethane from the top - something like that. I really love stuff like that.
- That is amazing. (laughs) You're really multi-talented.
Well, no. That's just because I love handicraft since I was a child. Once I was changing the colour, I also changed the muffler. I used a rather big one, but then it got some damage. My components were stolen. Now I guess it doesn't have any muffler at all. (laughs)
- What? But that's pretty bad......
No, it's okay, because I don't drive it anymore. Because I'm on tour. During the time I don't drive the battery is charging, too. Once I came back after the tour was finished and wanted to drive the bike at once, but when I saw it, I thought: 'That thing doesn't have a muffler...'. (laughs) I had also changed the cowl in the front and at that time I thought: 'Strange. The cowl is gone...'. (laughs)
- What? Even the cowl was stolen?
That seems to happen quite often. I've also had a chrome-プーレーカバー (an: precover?).
- That could have been the same criminal person.
That is possible. But it happens really often that people are taking some bike-stuff with them, you know. As long as they just take the parts... (laughs)
- Well, that's right...... You are someone who can really concentrate on things you love, but is that kind of attitude something you have since your birth? Or has there been something special in your youth?
It was both somehow. When I was a child, I also put myself into things I loved. As I said before, it started out with doing these plastic models without a manual. I was praised by my dad: 'Amazing that you can do that without the manual'. I was really happy when he praised me, so I went on bit by bit...... repeating that again. But when I was working on the model, I was pretty much concentrating on it, since I wanted to know what would happen if I did things with much concentration. I think, praising a child is really important. (laughs)
- I agree. (laughs)

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