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ROCK AND READ No.23 - Яyo (part3/5)

When I was at the junior high school I was whining that I wanted to buy an 8-channel MD8. But thanks to that I got quite a big amount of money from my parents for that. (laughs)

Author's note: Finally the next part! Two more parts to go, folks. I'll try to keep the speed for the next two parts ( I managed to translate this part within two or three days ).
So, comments would be lovely again - and beercookies for motivation. ;)
Credits for the scans go to snorchu, thanks again!

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Part 5

ROCK AND READ No.23 - Яyo (girugamesh)

Part 3/5

- Since you were able to record all parts with the MTR (multi track recorder), you were testing it?
No, I was already composing own songs.
- What, already?
Yep. (laughs) After I bought the MTR I was composing songs all the time. In order to cover songs you have to listen to the CD and have a look at the music sheets, which was quite tiring. (laughs) So I thought it would be okay if I just made my own songs. (laughs) I made my own originals. That were quite bad songs. (laughs) First I thought that recording meant to do everything at the same time. And I just thought something like: 'That can't work!'. (laughs) So I searched on the Internet in order to find something about MTR. (After that I thought:) 'Oh well, when things are like that, it should be a peace of cake.' (laughs) After I bought the MD8 I went to the studio, placed the microphones in front of my drums on my very own and started recording.
- You've been a very special junior high school student.(laughs)
Well, maybe I was. Finally I realized that the sound was quite bad when I recorded everything on my own. I would not even have had a chance of becoming a star. During the second grade of the junior high I was doing things like this, but the friend of mine was still on the cover-level. I wanted to do my own songs, but the others were not interested in that, so I had no choice and we made agreements in order to go on. And after that I came to form a band with Nii and Shuu. Both of them were aiming for a live at a livehouse, so I concluded that they would be willing to compose own songs. In the beginning when we formed the band I was writing all songs. They were pretty bad, but we still played them with the entire band.
- So that means you always were one step ahead of the others, right? By the way, since you were able to play guitar and keybord, too, why did you go back to the drums?
Because I liked Yoshiki. Although he is a drummer, he can also play the piano. For me Yoshiki was kinda normal. So I said: Well, I'll surpass Yoshiki. I was aiming for a lot of things.
- But the drums have always been the center of everything?
Yeah. Because I think drums are coolest. There might also be people who think that drums were simple, but there never was a second I thought like that. During a live that thing that stands out most are the drums, right? Since you can't be seen by the guests in the livehouse, you should attract attention. (laughs)
- That's definitively right. (laughs) We would also like to listen to something else but the music of your adulescence. Where there any changes when you went on to the high school?
Well, that too would be a talk about music. As I said before, in the third class of the junior high it was normal for me to be a member of girugamesh. I wanted to do a live as fast as possible and taking the exams (for high school) was so tiring. I said that I was only thinking of that (the band), chose a private high school and entered it without having learned for the tests. But at that school they were very strict (and noisy) about the haircut and stuff like that. They had something like a hair checkup every month and I always got caught for some reason. I always wanted to have long hair and piercings, but that was something completely impossible. And then I said to my parents: 'It's the pledge of my live, so please let me quit the school. In another way I can't continue my band.' (laughs) I just entered the first period of high school! (laughs) That was kind of a fast attack.
- You had to be really brave in order to ask you parents to let you quit the school at the first year of high school.
I guess so. I used fairly much power. Trying to get the words out is the worst, I guess. But they somehow were aware of my plans before. They simply said: 'You can quit school, but do your graduation first.' And so I changed to a high school with correspondence courses. So even if we went on tour I was desperately writing reports. (laughs)
- You're really working hard, aren't you? You completely quit the school, gave all your devotion to your band as if it was nothing but still were able to keep the promise you made to your parents.
I'm kinda proud of myself, too. (laughs) I guess it was just because I loved music that much. In order to be able to seriously start with music, I was willing to give my best for all neccessary things, too. For that I got a part-time job and did the school-thing - that is how my every day looked like.
- You really seem to have a lot of energy. Where did you get the motivation for your enthusiasm?
Well, I simply loved music, that was all. First of all, it was simply fun to be envolved with music, so I couldn't help myself. I didn't think about that on a deeper level.
- So it's not that you had a complex or a strange desire to become popular but simply enjoyed music with a bright and positive attitude?
That's right. I'm not the one who connects music with discomfort. I was not even worried about changing school.
- Because you didn't belong to those people who quit school without having a clue how do go on. Somehow those people often see only the dark sides of live, don't they?
Wow, I'm really not someone with that attitude.
- Since you said that you were doing music with a lot of fun, the music of girugamesh is rather aggressive and also expresses the negative part of mankind. That's quite interesting.
Ah, when you put it like that, you surely are right. That was...... When I was in junior high there was a guy I really hated. I really hated him and one day I wanted to kill him. (laughs) Because he too was doing music, I thought: 'One day I will definitively make money with my band and then I will look down on him.' That's were the negative aura comes from. (laughs)
- Well, I guess that is something that is definitively neccessary if you want to create good art.

To the next part...
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