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ROCK AND READ No.23 - Яyo (part5/5)

When I was a child, I also put myself into things I loved. As I said before, it started out with doing these plastic models without a manual. I was praised by my dad: 'Amazing that you can do that without the manual'. I was really happy when he praised me, so I went on bit by bit...... again repeating that. But when I was working on the model, I was pretty much concentrating on it, since I wanted to know what would happen if I did things with much concentration. I think, praising a child is really important. (laughs)

Author's note: Finally! The last part! Yay me!
Now my time at university has begun and I don't know if I will have enough time, but I will do my best. Translation will be good for my studies. Since I don't know what to translate next, members of this community can do requests by posting comments, messages, etc.. So please go ahead. =)

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Part 5

- Let's change our topic back to music. It wasn't that you made the big decission: 'I will spend my entire life with this band', but you rather thought of it as the top of all the fun you had, right?
Sure, something like that. (laughs)
- Despite of that, isn't it somehow painful or difficult if you decide, that only your beloved music can become your work?
No, not at all.
- Isn't a life with nothing more but music somehow tiring?
I guess it's okay. I also have hobbies. Well, they all have to do with music... (laughs) If I wasn't a member of a band, I'd do engeneering or something with computer - I love this stuff.
- Did you do some studies for that?
Yeah, I do, always. Since I'm interested in engeneering, it's just sound to me. I started by asking myself: 'Why did they put the sound like that?'. Linkin Park's sound and that one of other Western Heavy music bands are obviously different, aren't they? Both are heavy, but why is one less heavy than the other? There are also bands who have Linkin Park as idol, but I always thought that their sound was still different. I investigated things like that since I was at the age of 17. At the same time I bought a M-Box by Digidesign ( an audio interface to triggger pro tools ) and a Mac. You also use these overseas. A world standard. So I thought that I should also use world standards. I didn't know how to use it, but I wanted to own it and I thought if I used it, the sound will turn out to be the same. How wrong I was. (laughs) I thought that I still should make songs with that thing. At the same time there was the debut of DAW ( digital audio workstation = a recording system for personal use, which is using a computer ). Getting used to this software took me half a year.
- Half a year? Isn't that pretty fast?
Well, maybe. Because I was getting in contact with that thing every day when I had the time for it. When I enter our office now, I'm also able to edit our recording data by now. When we were recording our first album, the engeneer told me how to do the editing. By doing so I saw how a pro is working, I absorbed everything and when we came to the next project I was already able to do the editing on my own.
- It seems like most musicians are watching pros and seeing their techniques, but they rather think that it would be enough being a musician and performer. But that's wrong, isn't it?
That's wrong. I've never tried to entrust things to others and see whether things turn out how I wanted them to be. I never would do stuff like that. Because I'm a person who thinks that things will turn out best when they are done my way. I think that we want to do everything on our own: recording as well as TD. In the end, during a live we need others to do the PA anyway. (laughs) But during recording we can do everything on our own if we want to.
- I see. But composing a song on a pro level and playing it is quite difficult already. I think handling the engeneering, too, requires quite an amount of power.
Oh yeah, when we start recording our time of sleep is about zero. But I love it because it's fun. Although it shortens my time of sleep I still want to do it.
- When you work hard like that for your music, you really have the feeling that you achieved something when you are done, right?
Yeah, that exactely how we feel. (laughs)
- And now you do not specialize in playing drums, writing songs or engeneering, but give the same concentration to everything?
That's right, I do it all equally. I do not feel like 'Well, it's my job, so I just have to do it', but I enjoy doing it. Because playing drums as well as writing songs and engeneering is linked with each other. But somehow the part of engeneering got a little bit out of balance. (laughs) Because I always think that I want to learn more about it.
- Your interest for engeneering is growing, so do you sometimes think that that could be more fun than playing drums?
What? No, there's no chance for that, so don't worry. (laughs)
- That's relieving. (laughs) So if you count engeneering to your hobbies you are surrounded by music.
That's right. (laughs) But I think that's a great thing. It's an atmosphere where your hobby becomes your job and your job becomes your hobby. Although I have always been surrounded by music I never got tired of it. Even today when the interview is done, the photoshooting is done and I'm going home I will get myself in front of the computer again. Like 'Let's get the data of this song and try what we can get out of it'. My daily stress is about engeneering at home, trying interesting things. You need some material for that. So I get the data we recorded and use them for my researches.
- I see. That's like killing two birds with one stone.
That's right. (laughs) When I was playing around with the data I made various discoveries. With that I bring other songs to life. Furthermore, the songs I made by playing around are songs that I created from the very beginning. And because I know every point of that song, it's easy for me to see the weak spots or even my own mistakes.
- I see why you like that kind of work. But don't you ever feel like refreshing yourself with something that has nothing to do with music?
Sometimes I feel like I want to go out and use my body. And it's a habit of ours that the member of girugamesh are going on vacation every summer. And we are becoming idots there. (laughs) We are going to the sea and swim and go fishing and catch various stuff with a harpoon. Like, if there is a crayfish we catch it. (laughs) Like that I can come back to myself on a very natural way. It's refreshing not only for my body but also for my mind. It's okay for me if that is just once every year.
- Like you were born to be a musician. (laughs) Amongst the people who are doing music as a job there are the ones who can focus at once on their work without thinking about what happened before, and the onces who are thinking about what they will do after the band. How about you?
I am the latter. Of course I do my work with my entire power. I'm even going to my limits. I'm getting everything out of myself to put my entire strength into the band. But when I will become a 80 years old grandpa, will I be able to continue the music of girugamesh like it is now? That's simply impossible. Furthermore I'm a person who wants to get married one day. I want to have a family one day. When I think of that, I also have to consider the real things. I even want to be a producer and raise young bands. I wish for a settled life. But if I don't reach the top with my band, I can't sell my name neither, right? So there is also a part inside of me that says: 'You have to give your best for the band'.
- A settled life, but you still don't want to do work that has nothing to do with music?
Yeah, I don't want to do that. A normal office worker...... Well, lately even office workers have no settled life. (laughs) I don't wanna become that.
- Since you were in junior high school lived with music. But what kind of person do you think would you have become if you were no musician?
What would I have become......? A member of a motorcycle gang? (laughs) Maybe something like that. (laughs)
- Underground culture? (laughs)
Maybe. (laughs) But well, let me think about that. I always liked building stuff...... Something like a carpenter. Maybe I would have done something like that. I also like computer, so maybe I would have done computer work, too.
- While you have the intelligence and concentration to master computer software and the license for your bike in a short time, you still have a mischievous side since you were a child.
Maybe you're right. The mischievous side will never fade away in one life.
- And it's fine like that. Somehow, if you were no musician, you seem like you would have been a carpenter like an artist that connects the latest know-how of computer with old traditions.
That sounds great. (laughs) And cool. It would have been great, too, if I had went that way. (laughs)
- In your next life you should do stuff like that. (laughs)
Okay. (laughs) In this life I will rule the world with girugamesh. We will become a standard in the world. We slowly expanded our limits until we got a band that can have a live abroad every year. We will grow until the listeners in other countries think: "Hey, where is this band named 'girugamesh' coming from?". We want to master the level that, no matter where we play a live, the guests will get excited. And on top of that I want to do the work of a producer. Doing so I want to have a live full of music. I want to earn my money and live on music. Because I think I can't do anything else.

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