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ROCK AND READ No.23 - Яyo (part1/5)

As drummer of girugamesh, he also is the main-composer, he is handling things from arrangement to engineering and he can play stringed instruments as well as the keyboard: The all-rounder musician Ryo. Being at the youth of his life, he already creates music that is above imagination, the first thing he can remember since his birth was music, too - as well as his hobby and job, but he is still talking calmly. But still being in the first half of the age of 20, his future plans also seem to be completely involved with music. But having a life that has to do with music 24 hours at 365 days - what is Ryo's ambition?

Author's note: When I saw this scan I knew that I had to translate it - and it's pretty interesting, since I didn't know that much about Ryo. Question from my side: Does anybody of you know where the guys from girugamesh are from? Like... Tokyo or Kansai?
Well, just have fun, it's worth it! I'll do my best to translate the next pages, this one are the first two.
Credits for the scans go to snorchu, thanks a lot!

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ROCK AND READ No.23 - Яyo (girugamesh)

Part 1/5

Ryô. Birthday: 20.09. Blood-type: A. Drummer of the band girugamesh, which was founded 2004. Other members are Satoshi (vocal), Nii (guitar), Shuu (bass). The new album "MUSIC" was released in November. At present they are doing their "CRAZY TOUR 08-09 IN JAPAN", which has started in November. The Final is on 22.03. (Sunday) at Shibuya AX. In May they are starting their Europe Tour.

- What is the first thing you can remember since you were born?
I was maybe two or three years old. The parents of my father were fairly musical. My grandmother was playing the acoustic guitar. So I also tried to tap a string or turned the tuning-knob. That is the memory I have, playing like that.
- Having the acoustic guitar as first memory in mind somehow seems like fate. What kind of child have you been?
I guess I was a crybaby in any way. And a wheedling child. When you are at the ceremony for entering the kindergarten, the children are sitting on a chair with their mother standing behind them, right? I was afraid of being along, so I was with my Mom all the time. (laughs) I'm kinda embarrassed when I remember that now. (laughs)
- So you were a shy boy.
I was a terribly shy boy! (laughs)
- Do you have siblings?
I have an older brother. I was teased a lot by him when I was young. I was often beaten up by him. Furthermore, when I was a child there was a time when these mini cars with four-wheel drive were pretty popular. Desperately I bought as many as I could and were also remodelling some parts. But one day my brother and I had a fight about something and he destroyed all of my cars. (laughs) When I was a child I often thought "I'm afraid of my brother".
- Seems like you were pretty close. (laughs) But although you were still young you still had a passion for remodelling these cars - that's a pretty interesting story.
I really loved doing that. I also loved to make these Gundam plastic models. For normal you read the manual and build them. But I tried to do it my own way without reading it. (laughs) Something like that. (laughs)
- You were a child with an enthusiastic character, a creative heart - and a little bit hot-headed?
Seems like that. (laughs)
- Have you been a gentle child of the indoor-type?
No, basically I loved playing outside. I was doing this plastic model thing when I was in the mood for that, which was not that often. But whether I was that much perfect at playing... We often played the survivor-game. (laughs) Then, I can't say that my home was in the countryside but when the summer was coming the cicadas and lizards were coming out and we were catching them. I was a normal insect-catching brat.
- So although you were a bit frightened by your brother you still grew up freely. After entering the elementary school, what kind of child have you been since then?
Well, what kind...? Well, first thing was that I didn't study. (laughs) I didn't like to study. But I loved arts and sports. (laughs)
- But when you didn't study for math and Japanese, weren't your parents worried?
That was why I was forced into private lessons. But I was still earning moderate good marks without studying that much and I still have no memories of ever having studied with all I had. When I was at the kindergarten I was a crybaby, but when I entered the elementary school I was a ruffian. I was always at the centre and pulled everyone along. Always like "Let's goooo~, guys!". (laughs)
- So after school you met everyone and had fun together?
Yeah. So when the school was over I didn't go home but was hanging around with my friends until 8pm. (laughs)
- 8pm?! You went home pretty late. (laughs)
Well, my parents were always mad at me. (laughs) First we were about seven kids playing around, but during a special time I can't tell, my friends decreased. In the end we were only two and said "Weeell, let's go back home". And when I got back my parents were angry. (laughs) And that was repeated on and on, every day... (laughs)
- What did you do when you were playing with your friends?
Something like kick-the-can and baseball. And games that were quite dangerous. (laughs) In the parks there were spinning climbing frames, right? With about for kids we were climbing on it and spinning it with incredible speed. And then we were jumping of, that's how we played. (laughs) And then we were doing things like jumping off the roof of the park's toilet as test of courage. (laughs)
- What, really? You must have had fractures very often.
Yeah, I really did. (laughs) At 'blank jump' we were jumping over fences and giving points for that. When you missed your jump you were crashing against the fence and some guys were sent to hospital right away. (laughs) I didn't have any fractures but bruises We only did stuff like that. (laughs) I guess the elementary school was funny from the 1st to the 3rd grade. Since the 4th grade I met someone who was always bullying me. Well, actually... it was a girl. (laughs)

To the next part...
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